Michael Ruiss


Born on May 16, 1978 in Frankfurt am Main. He received his European baccalaureate (Abitur) from the Heinrich von Gagern-Gymnasium, which is focused on humanitarian studies. During this time he founded an IT service firm. He later went on to study law at Frankfurt’s Goethe University. In 2000 he collaborated with four scientists to found humatrix AG (www.humatrix.com), a firm focused on analyzing DNA and the human genome system. He was appointed Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the firm.

Since 2005 he has been the publisher of Top Magazine Frankfurt Rhein-Main (www.top-frankfurt.de). Managing Partner of the FourReasons Media oHG. In addition, he is actively engaged on behalf of international companies and universities.

“Ruiss also perfectly masters the seller’s art of sparkling eloquence.”